This is Roller Derby

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This is Roller Derby


Daniel Hayward




82 minutes




Roller Derby leagues inc; Geelong, Canberra, Adelaide, Ballarat and US TXRD, TXR

Filmed over 12 months, This Is Roller Derby is a colourful and action packed documentary examining the cultural phenomenon of modern roller derby; a full contact sport played by women on roller skates. From its roots in Austin, Texas, it has become the fastest growing women’s sport in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than here in Australia - not only for its dynamic appeal but also its subcultural influences and community spirit.

In the rural Victorian town of Ballarat Australia, a group of women from varied and diverse socio-economic backgrounds have banded together to grow their own grass-roots roller derby league hoping to become a part of the greater roller derby community. The film follows the Ballarat Roller Derby League and its skaters over the course of twelve months, juxtaposing their journey with the established Australian roller derby leagues here in Australia and in Austin, Texas. 

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