I Am A Girl

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I Am A Girl


Rebecca Barry


Rebecca Barry




88 minutes




28 August 2013

I want to be something... extraordinary” -- Breani, The Projects, NYC, 2012

I AM A GIRL is an inspirational feature-length documentary that paints a clear picture of the reality of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century.

As a day on earth transpires from dawn to dusk and into the night, we meet Manu, Kimsey, Aziza, Habiba, Breani and Katie – each on the brink of womanhood and dealing with the realities of what it means to grow up female in their world today. As they come-of-age in the way their cultures dictate, we see remarkable, heart-warming stories of resilience, bravery and humour.

Filmmaker Rebecca Barry takes the audience on a journey through diverse cultures and societies around the globe including Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Afghanistan, USA and Australia.

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