Blind Company



Blind Company


Alkinos Tsilimidos


Alkinos Tsilimidos based on a story by Austin Pendleton


John Finemore, Alkinos Tsilimidos




97 minutes


Colin Friels, Nick Barkla, Gloria Ajenstat


Geoff Brewster has retreated to the family’s isolated, coastal shack to die in peace. He is also going blind. Geoff spends his days walking on the beach and leaving tape-recorded confessions to his estranged wife, Sally.

But Geoff’s solitude is interrupted when his Porsche driving nephew, Josh, turns up and decides to stay. Tension fills the shack as Josh’s strange behaviour sets Geoff on edge and when Sally arrives for her weekly cleaning, the shack is ready to explode.

Sally encourages Geoff to audition for an amateur production of Hamlet and Geoff takes to Hamlet like Olivier.

But Geoff goes totally blind. The arrival of two strangers bearing the ashes of one of Geoff’s lovers sets Geoff and Josh on a collision course that threatens to destroy the both of them.

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